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About Us

We're Uptodate

We are constantly revising our product range to meet the requirements of the market.

We're Professional

From manufacturing to support our products are handled through proper channels by professionals.

We're Relaible

Rest assured of timely delivery while ensuring maximum level of quality that you will ever desire.

Our Team

Dr. Mangal Tiwari


Dr. Sanjaykumar Tiwari

Cheif Marketing Manager

Pooja Tiwari


Mr Sudhakar Tiwari

Marketing Head

Get In Touch

Contact Details

We are always pleased when you call . . . ☻

X 8/7, MIDC Phase II, Dombivali East
Mumbai - 421 201
9821 344 250
Thank you. The Mailman is on His Way :)
Thank you. The Mailman is on His Way :)